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Natural Ingredients

go organic + clean + toxic free 

always be a natural beauty

Why I am passionate about clean, green and non-toxic cosmetics

7 years ago after pure vanity and the need for Rapunzel length hair, I took myself to the internet to search for tricks and products to make my hair grow. I came across a website that explained to me why standard shampoos might be the cause of my thinning hair! As a homeopath, I was already aware of the array of pathologies linked to toxic chemicals in our everyday lives. The more research I did on beauty, and personal products, the more shocked I was.
 I went cold turkey, threw out all my make-up and started from scratch using nature and products in my kitchen.

3 months after that, after suffering from painful breast cysts for years, they disappeared, no pain, no lumps and no symptoms. My hormones regulated and health have gone from strength to strength ever since.

From going organic, I’ve met so many people who want to do the same but don’t know where to start, so this website is here to help make the transition.

From natural eating, olive oil facial cleanser, cinnamon bathroom cleaner to baking soda, organic sugar-free banana bread and the famous homemade Rose Jam, this website is here help people make the transition.

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