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why I chose homeopathy

My journey into alternative health started when I was just a child.  I came from a family with a tradition for natural cures and "old wives" cures.  From the age of 8, I suffered with migraines.  It killed my mother to see me in pain but no painkillers, natural or otherwise would work, not uncommon for migraines.  It was not until later with a few dietary changes and homeopathy, would my migraines eventually come under control.  

I always knew I wanted to be a health practitioner, but medicine always confused me - how do painkillers know where the pain is?  I was interested in a more natural approach to health from a young age.  

When I was 16, I began looking for my first part-time job, and through one of life's chances, I was hired at a local health store although apparently underage for the job.  Shortly after I started,  my training began covering all the products, homeopathy, herbs, nutrition and aromatherapy oils.  I introduced remedies to family and friends. 
Everyone was amazed by the results.

After finishing school, and trying to decide on my future career, I was introduced by a friend to the Centre for Homeopathic Education.  After experiencing what homeopathic remedies had done for me, my friends and my family, I decided to train to become a fully licensed professional homeopath. I completed my four year training in 2006 with the required clinical hours to practice. I further went onto receive my honours science degree in 2008 in homeopathy and research. Now with over 20 years experience in natural health and successfully treating patients,  I'm still a passionate advocate for homeopathy. As you will see when exploring my website, your lifestyle plays a huge part not just in homeopathic treatment but also is an important focus in my approach to treating patients.

Continual Professional Development

I have a keen interest in furthering my training in complementary therapies.  I finished a postgraduate course in Specialised Kinesiology Testing for homeopaths. This course is recognised by the Naturopathy Institute of Ireland.  As a strong believer that clinical research into homeopathy is beneficial to the profession, my aim is to work closely with research and development now and in the future.  


Qualifications  • BSc(Hons) Homeopathy • Licentiate Homeopathy 

    •  Diploma Kinesiology Muscle Testing (D.N.I.I) •  I.T.E.C Baby Massage Instructor


BSc(Hons) Homeopathy L.C.H.E 

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