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Cosmetic Products


Make-up is always the last area to change but for some, make-up items are applied daily, if not multiple times throughout the day. 

This regular use increases the necessity to make the change, swap over in the beginning or as soon as possible.


I often asked myself in the beginning of my detox days, why do people consider make-up as less important? It can be for a few reasons. 

People see make-up as a luxury item, of less importance than say, your toothpaste. I have heard some people say it’s a vanity item, and therefore not worthy of expecting and demanding cleaner less toxic and effective products.  But think of this, if you use it every day, it's important to you.  Mankind has always decorated their body?  Why should we be ashamed of this aspect of being human and ancient tradition?  Cave drawings, images in hieroglyphics for example all show men and women with decorated bodies.  It is an important part of being human. 

So why should we settle for substandard ingredients. 

Choose products that are better for you, your health and enjoy them. 

From a past survey I carried out and answered by 100 people, another reason for delaying the swap is accessibility of products.

choosing cosmetics involves four of the five senses.

how does it feel

how does it smell

how does it taste?

(weird but have you ever tasted a funky lipgloss?)

how does it look

it’s a sensory process

More and more brands are developing safer and highly effective non-toxic cosmetics.  Ilias colour block lipstick will give any standard long lasting lip color a run for its money! High colour with low toxins! Brands I use have a passion for the green beauty movement.  They are always coming up with solutions to a possible accessibility issue and offering ways to test their items by providing amazing sample services to test and try before you buy.

What to look out for in make-up ingredients?

As with all personal care products, cosmetics will contain the dirty dozen.  The only two differences you will notice is the huge amounts of silicones used to give that mannequin smooth like appearance to your skin you see nowadays in cosmetics.  They also contain huge amounts of preservatives. 


Make-up is used primarily around areas that are sensitive and have a higher risk of infection. This means formulations are based on avoiding bacterial or fungal overgrowth by using multiple preservatives.  On paper it sounds logical, right? These areas however are also areas of higher absorption rates of these ingredients meaning they affect your whole body and put great strain on your liver.  A balance has to be found and new methods of preservatives need to be developed.  Lucky for us there are fantastic brands out there doing just that.  Vapour for example uses no water in their formulations meaning there is no urgent need for preservatives. 

I can’t wait to begin your cosmetic detox with you +

show you the fantastic brands out there!

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