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what is homeopathy?

Homeopathy is a holistic system of medicine. The central philosophy is "similia similibus curantur", which translates into "like cures like". By using a minute dose of a natural substance, which can cause physical symptoms in crude form, the body's own healing powers are stimulated, leading to improved health and vitality.

Symptoms are more important to a homeopath than disease names, as these are individual to the patient and indicate the remedy required. From a homeopathic point of view, symptoms occur on any and all levels, physical, mental or emotional. When analysing a patient's case all aspects of that person are taken into consideration.

Homeopathy treats the cause rather than just the effect. There is a cause for everything, and everyone can think of something in their life that has changed them in some way, a turning point. When analysing your case, I will look for a cause, or aetiology and create a timeline of your medical history. Examples of causes I look out for can be operations, accidents, traumas and emotional stresses. This is one reason for the healing crisis that some patients have experienced. As the effects of the cause are treated, the body has more vitality to overcome the resulting symptoms, as a patient you will experience more energy but your ailment can be slightly aggravated. This is short lived and so will pass quickly.

Let me help you. As a homeopath, I need....

I want to know about your diet, what deficiencies you have, what toxins could be causing your symptoms, what is the origin of your disease and any life stresses that may be affecting you.  From all this information, a personalised treatment plan will be prescribed that is based on you as an individual.

Treatments include not only homeopathic remedies, but also supplements, herbal supports, detox supports, bach flower remedies & finally dietary and lifestyle advice required to restore your health.

All advice is based on the most up-to-date discoveries from clinical research. 


Homeopathy is much more than simply a homeopathic remedy, although sometimes that is all the body needs to restore itself to full health.


BSc(Hons) Homeopathy L.C.H.E  

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