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Our hair will have also been exposed to harsh conditions for years and will have been covered with silicones. It can become wild when we stop using these products. This can be very shocking and distressing at first. Where some damage will need to be addressed with scissors – you do not have to shave your head. Natural products such as honey, aloe vera can rehydrate your hair and vinegar can accelerate the recovery time from alkaline to the acid environment your scalp will need to repair. Haircare natural or otherwise can be a laborious and challenging activity until you find products that work for you.  Remember, after years of using silicone based products, your hair has suffered a lot and you will see this once you cease their use.

Generally, to save the situation your hair needs nourishment and lots of it.

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In the meantime, here are a few effective DIY treatments.


3 hair recipes to get you started

For all recipes, leave the mask in your hair for at least 1 hour covered in a hot towel. Rinse with warm not hot water before shampooing as normal.


honey, aloe vera gel + eggs

Whip all these ingredients together.

Apply a top towel to your head or if you can stand it, go to bed with this in your hair.

Heat in the hot towel or naturally for you head helps to absorb the goodness from the ingredients.

Rinse your hair in warm, not hot, water and shampoo as normal.

banana, egg + coconut oil/avocado oil

This is personally my favourite.

As someone with very long hair and so dry ends, this mask is highly affective and your hair is left super soft afterwards!  For the committed among us, me included, you can leave out the oil and the banana and eggs alone will cleanse your hair.

Combine all ingredients REALLY well; otherwise you will have large chunks of banana to pick out of your hair for days!

Apply, first to the ends of your hair and finagling to your roots.

egg, aloe vera gel + caster oil

An excellent mask, especially for the scalp and roots, apply to the ends of the hair at the end.



After regular masks, the regular use of conditioners is drastically reduced. For those who wish to style their hair, there are a few steps in preparation.


After washing, on damp hair rub, ¼ teaspoon of oil of your choice into the ends of your hair.

Leave hair to air-­‐dry, as long as possible.

For heat drying and straightening, Argan Oil is the best, again only 3 drops into the ends of your hair.


hair colour

Understandably after years of dying your hair, it is not an easy decision to go all natural. However, there are fantastic products out there. For darker hair there is natural Henna but for other colours companies such as Organic Colour Systems, are available.

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