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My passion for clean living, cosmetics and eating stems from my own health journey and that of my patients'. 

Want to go organic but don’t know the whys, wherefores and how?

Reducing your toxic load can be fun and cheaper than you think, and possibly, in this day and age, becoming a necessity.

I use my experience from working with my lovely patients, as a health practitioner, my own journey with my health and using my love of research to spread the word about clean living. I am a firm believer in not having to live the life of a pious saint to be clean and green!  I mean, I should know better than anyone but offer me a slice of banofee pie and I am not going to say no! However I do know the effects this will have on my body and why I won’t have these food items too often. This is the knowledge I want people to also have.   

I am passionate, which is a word very often used to describe me, about educating everyone on how their body works and how to take our health in our own hands and to make informed decisions for your lifestyle.


From natural eating, olive oil facial cleanser, cinnamon bathroom cleaner to baking soda, organic sugar-free banana bread and the famous homemade Rose Jam, this website is here to help people make the transition.


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