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Natural Medicine

changing the way you care for your health

Complimentary therapies offer alternatives to patients with chronic illness or those who have been told that no treatment is available to them.  Have you ever been told by your doctor that there is nothing they can do or after your 4th antibiotic your symptoms return? CAM therapies (Complimentary and Alternative) offer possible solutions and can work alongside your conventional treatment.  Many patients search for an alternative solution when the effect of medication begins to fail or is reduced. People new to CAM therapies are surprised after reading testimonials of alternative solutions to their health issues. They are even more surprised at the wealth of research available demonstrating the benefits.


Therapies are best when working together and compliment each other. Consider having your health care team, along with your GP, who work for your benefit. In your team think of having your osteopath, homeopath, acupuncturist therapist and dietician for a few examples.


As the old saying goes, prevention is half the cure. CAM therapies, work to boost your health and wellbeing to prevent or greatly reduce the intensity of hereditary pathologies.  Their aim is to work with our body, not against it and offer results with no side-effects.  CAM therapies can be used in your every day life and work not only towards prevention but also work to boost your well being,  Remember health is so much more that simply being disease free. 

If you are interested in a more holistic approach to health but do not know where to start, below are a few suggestions of how you can take your health into your own hands and work with natural therapies beginning at home.


homeopathic first aid kit

Over use of medication is a huge problem health services are facing. Examples of this are painkillers and antibiotics.  Antibiotic resistance is not only from over use but the presence of antibiotics in the food chain. This is giving rise to resistant bacteria.

Using homeopathy for minor symptoms, not only works with your immune system to boost it for potential future infections, its use will also lead to reducing over used and sometimes unnecessary medication.

Prepared remedy kits are available to purchase. Even better would be to work with your homeopath to prepare your personal home kit.



Using supplements and herbs too can offer fast and effective results at home. Think of zinc to help fight infection, cranberry to help prevent a urinary tract infection and omega 3 for period pains. If you are not suffering from pathologies, it is not always necessary to take supplements on a daily basis.  

Twice a year for example, consider carrying out a nutrient top-up cure. Find what nutrients you may be deficient in with the help from a practitioner and source good quality supplements. 

During deeper treatment, supplements help overcome chronic deficiencies, which may not be addressed fast enough through our food.

Modern farming techniques mean food today contains fewer nutrients than in previous generations.  

I am often asked on supplement recommendation and how to spot good quality brands.  

As a rule of thumb, a good supplement will have as few ingredients as possible and no unnecessary bulking agents.

 If you are taking medication, don’t forget that some supplements can interact. If you are new to nutritional therapies, work alongside a therapist to help determine what supplements are best for you. 


vitamin C

A super vitamin that deserves a mention on its own.  Vitamin C contributes to so many functions in the body it would be quicker to say what it does not do. We are the only mammals whose body does not form vitamin C by itself. We have to rely on our diet to provide us with adequate levels to function. Lifestyle can cause a huge deficit in vitamin C levels.  For example smoking rapidly depletes the body of this vital vitamin. Find a good quality, sugar and sweetener free brand and consider including this as part of your daily routine.



Our organs and how well they function can have a huge impact on our structure and posture. Equally our posture can effect how our internal organs work. Working on your body, whether it be through osteopathy, yoga and or stretching can seem simple but will have a profound effect on your over all wellbeing. Consider seeing a body worker a few times throughout the year like an MOT.


bach flower remedies

Traumatic events in our life can have a lasting effect if the consequences are not addressed.  For example, sometimes mums can worry if their child has experienced a trauma such as bullying at school and what impact this will have on their future. In life we can’t control what traumas we experience but we can control how we deal with the effects. Open communication is vital as well as supporting the physical aspect of stress. The 38 flower remedies can help support your body while dealing with the different side effects.

DISCLAIMER The information on is not meant to take the place of health care or services you may need.  Please see your primary health care provider about personal health concerns.

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