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two simple beats creating a third, helps get your brainwaves into the mediations zone. This is what we call binaural beats

Different beats will influence different brainwaves. This is why it’s important to know what effect you desire/require.

The activity in our brain is constantly in flux, moving from one level of activity to another. Modern living keeps us in a state of high activity, when we need to naturally be in a flow of all 5 through the day and night.

Here is a brief guide to each brainwave and their effects! Choose which one is appropriate to the outcome you want. Need to relax, alpha or theta is best. Need a bit of pep, Beta waves (although most of us are already in the state). If you need pep but not frenzied, a more level approach then alpha can always be an option.
Want to process new, abstract info, then thats Gamma. 
This is a very brief guide but will help you get started!

✨Gamma: high performance, deep abstract thinking - creativity, processing information, said to link and “open all parts” of the brain, compassion, super power meditation.

✨Beta: alert, focused, motivation study - caffeine type focus, most of is are in this state - invoved in the fight or flight response.

✨Alpha: calm, relaxed but alert,
increase beta-endorphin, noroepinephrine and dopamine. The same feelimg after a good yoga class!

✨Theta: calm, zen meditation type state, often in sleep, subconcious, great state to repeat affirmations!

✨Delta: deep sleep, dreamless state, restorative sleep, Impacts human growth hormones! (HGH maintains the skin, bone density, cartilage, joints and can also help heal physical pain. Melatonin &
DHEA witch of the North to Cortisols witch of the East)

we can't choose our stress. but we can choose how it impacts us
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