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what to expect in a consultation


BSc(Hons) Homeopathy L.C.H.E  

An initial appointment will last 90 minutes.  In this time, we will discuss your general health, patient history, family medical history and current state of health.  The atmosphere of a homeopathic consultation is very different from that of a GP.  Discussions are relaxed and informal. 

Before the consultation is finished, I encourage patients to ask as many questions as possible regarding their symptoms and treatment plan.  You may also be advised to revisit your GP for further tests to clarify symptoms and for a more precise prescription.

Acute illnesses are those which are short lived but intense and happen occasionally. Examples include colds and flu. A cause can be easily identified as in the case of food poisoning or getting wet before a chill.

Symptoms which I look to help me choose your remedies are; changes in appetite and thirst, temperature, how restless you may feel and your general disposition during the acute.

Chronic disorders are those which persist over a long period of time or re-occuring acutes which return periodically, for example, arthritis. Appointments are longer as the patient and family history has to be taken into consideration


During a consultation I will be interested in your lifestyle, sleep, what you eat, all of this to help prepare your individual treatment plan.

Are remedies safe to use with conventional medication?

Homeopathic remedies are safe, non-toxic and gentle, making them possible to use alongside conventional treatments.  At no point will you be advised to stop medication prescribed by your doctor.  Should you like to question your medication, for example to reduce dosage, please contact your doctor first.

What is a Kinesiology Muscle Test?

For some cases, consultations may also include a kinesiology muscle test to identify possible underlying weaknesses, allergies or toxins in your body.  This test is non-invasive and involves applying slight pressure to your arm while testing certain substances. Results from this test and subsequent dietary changes will have a huge effect on your health.

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