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Each time I come to see Julia, I realise how much I like her style of working. I have a chance to voice all my concerns.

The homeopathic approach to health, along with vitamins and herbal supplement according to my needs, have made a big difference in my life.

She helps me dealing with my PCOS issues. I strongly recommend her. A.L.

I had a diagnosis of rheumatoid arthritis and hashimotis at the age of 19. I was recommended by Julia by a friend.

Julia has helped me endlessly, she has been professional, positive with good humour at all times. She has been available at weekends and she genuinely cares about her patients and holds your hand through the whole process.

12 months on I am in such a better place, almost pain free and living life to the full, with a clear understanding of how my body reacts to exterior factors. I cannot thank or recommend Julia highly enough. T.H.

A consultation with Julia is always a pleasure. Through a relaxed conversation, she extracts the information needed to prescribe the perfect homeopathic remedies that really do work. I can't recommend her highly enough. T.S.

I met Julia nearly 5 years ago for my first baby’s massage and I really liked her as she is one of a kind, she then became our family homeopath and we trust her 100%.  Not only she is very knowledgable on all various medical issues but also is a caring and supportive person, always available to give good advice and reassurance.  We have been through some challenging times, which involved for instance food intolerances, ORL infections, blood tests, etc.. and Julia always has the right diagnosis and provides the right remedies. 
She has definitely made us change into natural treatments and also got us converted into green beauty cosmetics!

We couldn’t thank her enough for all her amazing work and we will carry on recommending her. N.A.

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